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A20402 Tassar Patta painting

Tassar Patta Trees – Hand painted on silk by artisans in Orissa, Eastern India. 

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Tassar Patta Painting is the oldest, most popular style of painting in Orissa, India. Originally painted on palm leaves with natural pigments it was used as wall decoration in ancient temples, the palaces of Rajas and Maharajas and for local festivals. This particular design is inspired from the Jagannath Temple, Puri, Orissa.

With a life time of research and study the Meher family have trained in the traditional techniques of Tassar painting, keeping it alive today with more enduring materials. The paintings are now on beautiful silk with lasting pigments. World famous, they have received numerous awards of excellence from the Indian government. 

Each piece can take the artists weeks to produce and in some cases, with the larger pieces, such as the ‘Tree of Life’, a painstaking six months. A slight carelessness in execution will spoil the entire painting.

This family of Master craftsmen employs and teaches unmarried and would be destitute women in this craft, providing them with an income they would otherwise not see.


Orissa, India 2010

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