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‘The craft of chik-making probably originated in the hot and dusty districts of North West India. Its elegant look, relative inexpensiveness, low maintenance and long life are qualities that have contributed to its popularity.’

‘New Designs in Handcrafted Split Bamboo Chiks’ Delhi Crafts Council


Our chik blinds are hand-made in India for Joss Graham and they are custom-made to your specific measurements.


Accurate measuring is essential. The blinds can either sit over a window recess, or within it. If the blind is for the inside of the recess, make sure that the required width of the blind is less than the actual width of the space so that there is room for movement when it is rolled up and down. Please specify in your order whether the blind is for inside the window recess or not. For our accuracy please give measurements in inches and centimetres. The maximum width is 6’6” (2m). For wider spaces, two or more blinds may be needed.


The blinds are made with natural bamboo and ecru cotton. The string lattice work that forms the pattern, the tape edging around the blind and the pulley cord, including the wood pulley, can be dyed to any colour specified by the customer. We ask for a fabric sample for colour matching, minimum size 4” x 4”. 

Stock colours are available on request.


The blinds hang from hooks screwed into the wall and are attached by looped cords that come with each blind. Alternatively, blinds can be ordered with the addition of a bamboo pole at the top which can be hung from brackets like a curtain pole. 

The blinds have a traditional central pulley and rope. Side pulleys and ropes can be fitted if requested. Pulley ropes can be tied to cleats fixed to the wall. NB.These fixtures are not supplied.


Delivery takes between 12-14 weeks for natural blinds and 16-18 weeks for coloured blinds depending on individual requirements. We use a swift courier from Delhi, and all delivery costs from India are included in the price. We send the blinds on to other destinations but this incurs an extra delivery charge.



Natural blinds: £15/ sq ft + VAT at 20% 

Blinds with coloured strings and tapes: £17/ sq ft + VAT

We require a 50% deposit before we can process your order














'CHIK' Blinds from India

Think of cool, shaded verandahs; filtered sunlight throwing dappled patterns on stone floors ....
Indian split-bamboo 'chik' blinds have been made and used in India for centuries to shield and cool interiors in the blinding light of the Indian summer.